The Shell Cracker Plant in Monaca, PA is petrochemical plant near I-376 and Route 18, about 25 miles from Pittsburgh.

Sprawled across the 386-acre site are multiple buildings from one-level units to structures several stories high. Beaver County was chosen as the location due to its proximity to gas supplies, creating shorter and more reliable supply chains than those for comparable facilities on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The plant will upgrade locally-produced ethane from shale gas producers, Marcellus and Utica, to produce 1.6 million tons of polyethylene each year. Polyethylene is used in many everyday products, from food packaging and automotive components to industrial chemicals and other consumer goods.

Economic Impact

In 2012, Pennsylvania structured a deal requiring Shell to invest at least $1 billion in Pennsylvania and create at least 2,500 construction jobs in exchange for a 25-year tax incentive of $66 million per year, which would reduce Shell’s tax by up to 20%. The combined incentive could reach $1.65 billion.

The opening of the cracker plant will most certainly have an economic impact on both the immediate area and the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. This project has already created 7,500 construction jobs to build the site and will create more than 600 permanent jobs for employees working at the plant once the site is finished.

But more significantly, this opportunity could lead to 100,000 additional jobs created this decade as related plastics and chemical industries develop across the region.

Interesting Facts

  • The Shell Cracker Plant spans 386 acres of land in Beaver County, PA
  • It will cost roughly $6 billon to build the entire plant
  • There are only 30 cracker plants throughout the United States
  • More than 21,000 tons of steel has been used to build the cracker plant, which is enough to build Heinz Field and the Tower at PNC Plaza in downtown Pittsburgh
  • Two of the world’s largest cranes were used in the development of the Shell Cracker Plant

Job Opportunities

Shell Chemicals has a dedicated website where job applicants can find career opportunities at the ethane cracker plant in Monaca, PA. Jobs include everything from boilermakers and electrical engineers to heavy-equipment operators and safety specialists. To get started, visit

Shell Cracker Plant Housing

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